1. Hot damn.

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    8 years plus forever.

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  2. http://instagram.com/p/gUo-bgF8EX/

    Happy 8th Anniversary Super Junior!!! 축하해요!!^_^
    cr: donghae’s instagram

  3. 안녕 followers^^ I just got back 1 day ago kkk…so today and till on i’ll be posting super junior’s and also other kpop groups (both genders), pictures and also i’ll be posting updates about them (like their twitter, instragram, news,etc.). So i’ll try to be online as possible :D. So i’ll greet you with a sexy pic of Suho ;)
    cr: llove_kpopgirls
    for the pic.

  4. hey to my followers of kpop. I’m sorry i haven’t been posting pics lately. I’m still here in Manila. I’m here in my cousin’s place and their internet connection is excellent but still it’s slow and it’s hard for me to upload, it takes time to upload ㅠㅠ. When i get back home, i’ll resume posting pics. 잠시 기다려^^

  5. my nails for the concert…you see donghae oppa? kk^^

  6. it’s my first time to watch…i’m so excited ^^

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    D.O is soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuutttteeee O_O :3

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